As wedding planners in France we only recommend the best French wedding venues, from luxury wedding Châteaux in the Loire Valley, to chic wedding venues in South of France, to timeless weddings in or around romantic Paris and everything in between for your destination wedding.
France will surely offer the ideal setting of your dreamy wedding, no matter what your vision is.

Unveil romance with a French chateau wedding.
If your ideal French wedding backdrop is an enchanting Château, you will not be short of options as Châteaux are the most iconic wedding venues in France. These architectural marvels are surrounded by lush gardens and offer an unparallel sense of grandeur and romance at the same time.
Whether it's the charming Loire Valley, the picturesque Provence, or the regal splendor of the French Riviera, each Château holds its own unique charm and timeless allure.

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If you are looking for a more vibrant setting without renouncing the glamour, the French Riviera, also known as Côte d'Azur, in the South of France, offers Mediterranean charm and breathtaking panoramas paired with a wealth of seaside activities and attractions for guests. From opulent châteaux, to historic villas, and luxurious beachfront resorts, wedding venues in the French Riviera re nothing short of spectacular.

France is not only synonym of grandeur and elegance but also of charming and serene countryside. Refined and quaint wedding venues, mainly located in the South of France, and especially in the Provence region, are available for those who wish to have a more rustic setting of lavender fields and olive groves.

Get inspired by some spectacular options of South of France wedding venues and learn more about a French wedding in Provence.

Couples who envision a romantic atmosphere and a cultural experience at the same time often opt for a Paris wedding. Referred to as "The City of Love", Paris romantic ambience is unmatched. The choice of venues goes from historic Châteaux a short drive away from the city centre, to sumptuous hotels. For your couple's session the city offers unique backdrops such as intimate parks, picturesque gardens and iconic landmarks.

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