An insight to South of France diverse offers
Many couples dream of a destination wedding in the South of France but have no idea of how diverse and vast the region is and of the different setting, and therefore venue, options it offers.

The South of France is an overall rich and diverse area which provides with a wide range of experience for those seeking a wedding in France, as it includes several distinct regions, each with its own unique characteristics.

As an expert wedding planning agency in France we will guide you through the best locations during the venue search part of the planning, however we wish to give you an initial insight on their differences to help you understand which part of the South of France is better suited for your luxury wedding in France.

If you envisioning a backdrop of lavender fields and countryside charm, look no further than Provence. Famous for its picturesque landscapes which include vineyards and olive groves, this part of South of France is also rich of quintessentially villages, such as Gorde and Roussillon, as well as larger cities like Aix-en-Provence and Avignon.
Geographically located in the southeastern part of France, Provence is bordered by the Rhône River to the west and the Italian border to the east.

Another South of France wedding area located along the Mediterranean cost and offering the same appealing Mediterranean climate is The French Riviera, also knows as Côte d'Azur, the southeastern part of France, from Saint-Tropez to the Italian border.

The French Riviera is the perfect setting for an elegant and luxury wedding. The majority of venues in are glamourous resorts and classy Villas which are visually more modern and abandon that rustic charm of the Domaines or the more majestic style of the Chateaux of the Provence.

The French Riviera is a compound of vibrant touristic destinations such as Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

On the opposite side of South of France, the southwestern part of France, is Languedoc is in the, bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south.

Languedoc is a very versatile area with a diverse landscape including vineyards, mountains, and coastal areas and offers a mix of coastal and inland experiences. However when it comes to wedding venues, this area of South of France offers some very elegant Chateau options all located inland.

Bourgogne, or Burgundy, like Languedoc, is a wine producing area and it has no access to the Mediterranean and, unlike the other areas of South of France, is not blessed with a Mediterranean climate.

It is however blessed with some classy and elegant Chateaux so definitely an area to consider if you are looking for a dreamy French wedding in a Chateau immersed in the local wine culture.

See here if you wish to get inspired by an initial short selection of wedding venues in the South of France but contact us for an informal chat with our expert wedding planners and get some recommendations based on your vision and requirements.